Blog: should you give a shit?

Think of your next job posting or employee handbook to explain what it’s like to work in your organization…

We don’t give a shit whether you show up at the office at 7 or at 10.
We don’t give a shit whether you work from home or not.
We don’t give shit that you work from the nail salon or the car repair shop this afternoon.
We don’t give a shit you’re not working on Wednesday but rather on Saturday (or not).

We hired you to do a job and we trust you to do this job. Let us know what you need to succeed in your role, and you will get it.

We know shit happens…
You don’t need to feel bad or explain why you need a day off.
You don’t need to explain you have a sick child who requires your attention and you need to leave early.
You don’t need to hide you’re stressed, frustrated, angry or tired.
You don’t need to feel sorry for having a personal life that is more important than your professional life.

Of course, we care about your contribution and the outcome, but we also and foremost care about you. Aren’t we all humans? and adults?
We bring people (human beings!!) together to make this company successful. We don’t bring robots or zombies. We don’t run a childcare for adults where you’re told what (not) to do.