Ep. 10: Building A Positive Candidate Experience.

Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding processes. It has proven to be directly tied to recruiting performance, making it one of the most highly regarded talent acquisition topics today.

Today’s guest is Jason Seiden. When I interviewed Jason a few weeks ago, he was still the Head of Strategic Development at Lever. Since then, a lot of things have happened. Jason left Lever, although he remains an advisor to the company. He sold Brand Amper, a start-up he co-founded, to The Muse. He remains a board member at Brand Amper as well.
Prior to these endeavors, Jason:
• Became the 1st LinkedIn-certified trainer—and training company—in North America.
• Developed and managed the “Rock Your Profile” booths at LinkedIn ‘s Talent Connect in 2011, 2012, and 2013 (originally called “Pimp Your Profile,” for all you old schoolers…).
• Crafted a methodology for writing LinkedIn profiles that is still in use today at LinkedIn, Dell, and other large enterprises.

In this episode with Jason, you will learn:
– How critical it is for companies to build their employer brand.
– What are the biggest challenges many companies are facing when trying to build a positive candidate experience.
– What are the touch points a candidate goes through in the recruiting process and how to address the touch points.
– What’s the place of technology in redefining the candidate experience.

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