Ep. 103: Leading with intention, making people visible.

My eX Podcast guest this month is the ultimate culture engineer, modern elder and no BS Tom Frank. Tom has helped launch a multitude of business in the hospitality and tech sectors, with a focus on building an amazing culture as the foundation for future growth. Nowadays, through his Round World Management consultancy, Tom delivers, ‘Culture Alignment Workshops’, builds dynamic Culture Alignment Platforms for his clients around the country, and speaks at conferences and conventions on the topic of culture and leadership development.

“Just imagine how amazing it would be if everyone in your company worked with the same values, beliefs and aspirations.” Tom Frank’s culture engineering work does just that.

As Tom said to me during our discussion, “my heart goes out to HR people today. The job that most of them applied for when they were hired is often not the job they are being asked to do today. For many people, ‘culture’ was not on the job description and perhaps not on their resume…. or their skill set.”

Today with Tom we talk about:
– What it means to have a people-centered workplace
– Why we must lead with intention and make all people inside our organizations visible
– What’s f-ed up with HR today
– His ‘I’m essential” project

Note: you can follow Tom on LinkedIn, at Round World Management and learn more about his I’m Essential project.

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