Ep. 12: Building An Inclusive And Highly Collaborative Culture.

Collaboration is about enhancing each other’s work and creating a harmony. It’s following a smart plan to avoid confusion and waste. Collaboration is creating something greater as a group than would be possible for an individual.

Design collaboration in large companies can be difficult because you might try to force rigid protocols into the creative design process (which is naturally free-flowing).

After all, everyone’s a design critic. But not everyone can be a designer.

Today’s guest is Donna Szarwark, Sr Vice President of Human Resources at FRCH. FRCH is an international brand experience firm of 250 employees, headquartered in Cincinnati.
As a very successful creative agency, FRCH thrives on building an inclusive and highly collaborative culture, where employees feel empowered to bring ideas to life.

Today with Donna you will learn:
– How individuals, whether customers or employees, are at the center of the experience.
– How business and employer brands are intimately intertwined, with some nuances.
– What are some successful EX initiatives that FRCH has put in place.
– And the fact that talent acquisition is as much a competition that it is a partnership.

This episode is brought to you by Fusion Alliance. Fusion Alliance delivers holistic solutions fusing together data, digital and technology to redefine customer experiences and move your ideas to execution. That’s why businesses across multiple industries have relied on Fusion’s expertise and partnership for over 25 years.

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