Ep. 14: Your Employees Are Your Greatest Differentiator.

Your people are more important than your products or services for your long-term success.
Every day, they drive out of your parking lot carrying institutional knowledge about how your business operates. If your culture engages them to stay and contribute, your ability to build and sustain a culture that thrives in today’s world of hyper-change increases.

Today’s guest is Sarah Guay, Director of Organizational Effectiveness at American Savings Bank in the beautiful state of Hawaii.
I really wanted to have Sarah on this show to share her story and tell our audience that it is possible in a highly regulated and traditionally conservative industry to develop a real EX strategy.

Today with Sarah you will learn:
– How Sarah led a successful employer branding and EX initiative.
– Which best practices and lessons she brought from past experiences to American Savings Bank, and what have been her main obstacles.
– How challenging talent acquisition is in Hawaii, or in other remote locations, and how companies can respond to these challenges.

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