Ep. 15: How To Measure Effectively Your Employee Experience.

The science of measuring of customer experience, its relationship to loyalty and satisfaction and the likelihood that it will lead to future business is now a well-established tool in the hands of marketers.

A similarly strong relationship exists between the quality of the employee experience and engagement which leads to higher productivity and ultimately to the delivery of value to customers. You need to measure workforce experience with the same degree of rigor and science that you bring to measuring customer experience.

However, measuring workforce experience is complicated because no single person, department or function owns the experience from end-to-end. So firms use many tools to take the pulse of their employees — annual employee surveys, quarterly performance reviews, weekly manager meetings, talent reviews, town hall meetings and so on.

These approaches offer a fragmented and often misleading view of how engaged employees actually are. And simply having engaged employees doesn’t translate into business value unless you can convert engagement into productivity and ultimately allow your customers to feel the benefit.

Today’s guest is Chris Powell, former CHRO of Scripps Networks and currently CEO at Talmetrix. Talmetrix is an employee feedback and insights solution that helps organizations better attract and retain talent to achieve business goals.

Today with Chris you will learn:
– How employee engagement is the driver of the employee experience.
– What is employee segmentation and how it happens unformally (and why it’s bad).
– What are the 3 key areas of a successful EX strategy (accountability, feedback loop/measurement process, then the right approach to change management).

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