Ep 2: The 4 Ingredients of A People-Centered Workplace

I am very excited to host Jeb Banner, CEO of SmallBox, an Indianapolis-based creative consultancy. I had the privilege to count Jeb as one of our speakers at two of our eX Summit events. Jeb has a unique take on company branding centered around its core values and culture. In this episode, he shares with us the 4 ingredients of a people-centered workplace.

Jeb is a business man! He is also the CEO and co-founder of Boardable, a board management software company founded in 2016; the founder of Musical Family Tree, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading Indiana's music; as well as a co-founder and past chair of the Speak Easy, an entrepreneurial co-working non-profit located in Indianapolis. Along the way Jeb has co-founded or invested in a number of other Indianapolis based businesses. He graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 1996.

In this episode with Jeb, you will learn:

- How a company’s business brand and its employer brand are intimately intertwined.
- What a people-centered workplace means and what are its key components.
- How building a strong company culture is all about experimentation and iteration.
- How the CEO’s vulnerability is a key success factor to build a culture of trust.
- Why we need to move from “knowledge work” to “creative work”
- How to turn work into play experiences.

You can follow Jeb on Twitter @jebbanner.

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