Ep. 23: How Creating Learning Experiences Can Help Engage Employees.

The sophomore slump doesn’t just happen to college students and professional athletes. It happens in the workplace, too. Once the high of a new job wears off, many workers are left feeling disengaged. But the key to ongoing engagement may lie in gamification.

Today’s guests are Brandon Marsala, Creative Director, Content Strategy and Chad Bellin, Director of Products & Strategy at Mindspace. Mindspace, based in Tempe, AZ, is a creative learning agency which creates learning experiences and technologies that engage, inspire, and motivate the modern learner. Some of its customers include Starbucks, Google, FedEx, Expedia, Deloitte, Hyatt, Time Warner.

Today with Brandon and Chad we will talk about:
– What “gamification” is all about.
– How creating learning experiences can help engage and retain employees.
– What are the steps to follow to successfully implement gamification and learning experiences in your organization.
– What are the pitfalls to avoid.
– How technologies like AR, VR and chatbots will impact the way organizations deliver learning experiences.

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