Ep. 25: Be Your Company’s Culture Champion.

Believe it or not, a full quarter of employees don’t trust their employer. What’s more, the survey also found that only about half believe their employer is open and upfront with them.

This lack of trust is likely due to a lack of transparency in the workplace. Transparent leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and their employees. Employees who are kept in the loop and understand their role in the overarching purpose and goals of the company are, understandably, more likely to put their trust in their employer.

On this week’s episode, I’m discussing with Tiffany Sauder, based in Indianapolis. Tiffany is the President of Element Three, one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in the Midwest. 

We’re specifically talking about:
– Her perspective on why a company’s employer brand has become as important as its customer brand.
– How she brings the employee experience to life at Element Three daily.
– What best practices we can take from consumer branding and apply to employer branding.
– How being transparent and genuine are important to employee engagement.

Note: you can follow Tiffany on LinkedIn, Twitter @tiffanysauder, and Element Three on LinkedIn, Twitter @elementthree and Instagram.

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