Ep. 26: Inside GoDaddy’s Cultural Shift – A Lesson On Employment Branding.

There’s been a lot of press recently around sexism in the workplace: a (in)famous Hollywood film production company, a taxi-industry disruptor, a TV News network…

The NY Times recently published a great article on GoDaddy’s cultural shift and workplace inclusion strategy. GoDaddy has been recognized as being among the nation’s top workplaces for women in tech. The company’s policies on equal pay, its methods for recruiting a diverse work force and its approach to promoting women and minorities has been lauded inside business schools and imitated at other firms.

On this week’s episode, I have the privilege to host Katee Van Horn, speaking with me from Scottsdale, Arizona. Katee is the Vice President – Global Engagement & Inclusion at GoDaddy. She is also a professional coach at Bar the Door.

We’re specifically talking about:
– How GoDaddy faced a brand perception challenge between its consumer brand vs. its employer brand
– what diversity means at GoDaddy and how the company has built a diversity strategy
– how HR must partner with Marketing and other departments to collectively create an employee experience strategy
– and how to build an HR roadmap to address the cultural shift to become a more people-centric organization.

Note: you can follow Katee on LinkedIn, Twitter @Kateebar7, and GoDaddy on LinkedIn, Twitter @GoDaddy and Instagram.

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