Ep. 28: Women In The Workplace.

More and more studies are being released that reveal the challenges women face in the office, compared to men, extend well beyond pay differences. Whether it’s a man benefiting from small talk more than a woman, setting the office temperature based on an average male comfort level, or female leaders being perceived negatively when taking the same actions as a male leader, it’s clear we have a long way to go to better gender equality at work.

This week’s guest is Raheela Anwar, speaking with me from Chicago. Raheela is the Chief of Sales, Client Solutions, and North American Market Strategy at the BPI Group. BPI group, headquartered in Paris in France, is a global management and HR consulting firm, helping people and organizations navigate the future of work.

Today with Raheela we will talk about:
– Voluntarily vs involuntarily transitions.
– The importance of transparency in the workplace.
– How to build a strategy for gender quality in an organization
– The place of women in the workplace, the opportunities and challenges they’re facing.
– The public perception of a customer brand has an impact on recruiting.

Note: you can follow Raheela on LinkedIn, Twitter @raheelaganwar, and BPI Group on LinkedIn, Twitter @BPIgroup.

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