Ep. 30: The 12 Rules Of Employee Engagement.

At too many companies, employee engagement is broken.

What began as a great idea – methodically attending to what people need to be most effective on the job – has become at many enterprises a hodgepodge of perfunctory surveys, consultant malpractice, and fear-mongering.

“Your people are not your greatest asset. They’re not yours, and they’re not assets.”

These are Rodd Wagner’s words, a well-known thought leader on employee performance. In his latest book, he rolls up his sleeves against the weasel words, contradictions, bad habits, and intrusions that reduce people to “human resources.” To “FTEs.” To “human capital.” To flesh-and-blood widgets.

This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing Rodd, calling from Minneapolis. Rodd is one of the most foremost authorities on collaboration and happiness at work. He is the VP of Strategy at BI Worldwide and the author of this great book – “Widgets, the 12 new rules for managing your employee as if they’re real people”.

Today with Rodd we will talk about:
– Why companies should not consider their employees as assets.
– What is the principle of reciprocity, and how it impacts the employer/employee relationship.
– What are the 12 rules of engagement he develops in his book.
– How he foresees the future of employee happiness.

Note: you can follow Rodd on LinkedIn, Twitter and BI Worldwide on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also find more information on his book here.

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