Ep. 33: The Secret Sauce Of Employee Engagement At Pizza Hut.

Studies show that companies spend about $270 million per year on employee engagement strategies. “But approximately 63 percent of U.S. employees aren’t fully engaged in their work,” says Forbes writer William Craig. If you want a great culture and true employee engagement, provide benefits that positively impact not just your employees but, more importantly, those whom they love. Employees go home to different roles–parent, caregiver to a loved one, a church or civic leader, spouse, bandmate, freelancer, artist, neighbor–and the people they are closest to impact their lives and perspectives about work in meaningful ways.

Today’s guest is Kara Barry, calling from Plano, Texas. Kara is the Director of Corporate Communications and Community Engagement at Pizza Hut.

 Today with Kara we will talk about:
– The Life Unboxed Story at Pizza Hut and how it relates to employee engagement.
– How the company has been able to tie this Employee Experience initiative to Customer Experience improvements.
– The career path Pizza Hut offers to its employees via the Life Unboxed E.D.U. program.
– What innovation means at Pizza Hut.

Note: you can follow Kara on LinkedIn and Pizza Hut on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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