Ep. 37: The digital transformation is disrupting the workplace. You’ve got to embrace it.

Digital transformation and employee engagement are 2018 priorities for most business leaders, but they are rarely connected together.
Organizations are making a massive mistake, though, if they focus on sheer technological change. Instead, the end objective should be a better employee experience, and by extension a better customer experience.

The urgency and pressure to embrace this digital transformation fall on the shoulders of both leaders and employees. But how does digital disruption impact the way we work?

This week my guest is Dr Tracey Wilen. Tracey is a researcher and speaker on the impact of technology on society, work, and careers. A former visiting scholar at Stanford University, she has held leadership positions at Apple, HP, and Cisco Systems. She was named San Francisco Woman of the Year and honored by the San Francisco Business Times as the most Influential Woman in Bay Area Business. Tracey has authored 12 books, her newest book is Digital Disruption; The Future of Work, Skills, Leadership, Education and Careers in a Digital World (2018). Available for pre‐order on Amazon and other book sites.

Today with Tracey we will talk about:
– What is digital disruption and how it impacts the way we work.
– As work and industries are disrupted, we need disruptive leaders.
– What’s the connection between digital disruption and diversity.
– How employees need to act and think differently to keep up with this digital disruption.
– What are the new skills we need to think about.
– How she sees education evolve to keep up with rapid and constant disruption.

Note: you can follow Tracey on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Lear more about Tracey at www.traceywilen.com.

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