Ep. 43: How to automate HR so that it can focus on what’s the most important: the EMPLOYEES.

Often, HR activities are focused in performing repetitive and laborious tasks than getting involved in actual strategic aspects of the business.
HR automation has been developed to ease the strain on HR departments and free up some of their valuable time from mundane tasks so HR teams can focus on the employee experience and improve your company’s workplace.

JYSK, a Scandinavian home furniture retailer, had a singular vision – to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks in favor of automation. This in turn allowed the team more time and freedom to coach, support and counsel their internal customers. The ultimate goal – a completely paperless HR function.
This week I’m talking with Matt Burns, Human Resources Director/CHRO at JYSK Canada.

In this episode Matt and I talk about:
– Why and how Matt transformed a traditional HR function in an automated and completely paperless function.
– How to drive employee engagement in an industry where turnover is traditionally high.
– How his team has implemented a robust HR Analytics suite to drive strategic talent & business decisions.
– What Diversity & Inclusion means at JYSK.

Note: you can follow Matt on LinkedIn, Twitter and JYSK on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

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