Ep. 44: What is creating engagement? The EXPERIENCE. For customers as for employees.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but the HR function the way you know it is dying.

The point is that HR is going through a radical shift the same way the marketing function was disrupted 15 ago by data and digital transformation.

Marketing today has nothing to do with what marketing was back then. In the next few years, HR will be very different from what it’s been for decades.

Data driven insight, a focus on customer pain points, the development of strategies to engage with customers and to create personalized experiences will become the norm in the world of HR in the coming years.

HR historically has focused on hiring, firing, policing the organization, making sure everybody is compliant with the company’s rules. Now, HR people have to explore the concept of experience, employee engagement, people data and analytics, disruptive generations like Gen Y and Gen Z, design thinking and organizational change.

Employee engagement is at a historic blow level. Customers are employees, and they don’t understand why they can’t have the same type of experience from a consumer brand to an employment brand.
On this week’s eX Podcast, I talk about the Customer Experience of HR (CxHR) – The New Paradigm of Digital Transformation with Christophe Martel, CEO and co-founder of TI People. Prior to TI People, Christophe held leadership positions in Asia, Europe and North America at CEB (now Gartner) the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500.

In this episode with Christophe we talk about:
– How the HR function is changing and how HR must embrace digital technology to new outcomes
– How HR must leverage multiple employee data points to create a positive employee experience and as a result increase employee engagement.
– What the 3 buckets of the employee experience are, according to Christophe
– How to apply design thinking and journey map to define employee persona and customize employee experiences.

Note: you can follow Christophe on LinkedIn, and TI People on LinkedIn.

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