Ep. 46: Building a Culture of Good.

How can you take what might be a decent-enough company culture, which you might call of a Culture of OK, and transform it into a Culture of Good that makes a long-lasting impact on the business, the employees, the customers and the surrounding communities?

That’s the unlikely story of TCC, a thriving telecommunications retailer with more than 800 stores and 3000 employees in 40 states. In an industry when the employee turnover is 100%, TCC’s turnover is below 50%, while its workforce has grown by 2 ½ times. The company has saved about $3.7M a year, as people want to work at TCC because they know they can make a difference in the world where they work. Top-line revenues of the business have gone up 200%, and same-store sales are up 70%. Their operating income is up 490%!!

Any company, with the support and commitment of its leadership, can unleash results by letting their employees bring their soul to work.

On this week’s eX Podcast, my guest is Ryan McCarty, a long-beard and tattooed pastor turned entrepreneur, who is the Co-Founder of the Culture of Good, a transformational organization that was born within TCC, a $2B+ retailer, over a chip-and-salsa discussion between two men who were not meant to meet. Or were they?

Today with Ryan we talk about:
– How the concept of Culture of Good was born.
– How Ryan fought skepticism from TCC’s executives and employees, and how he won their hearts and soul.
– What impact building his Culture of Good has had on the business, its employees, its customers and the community.
– What’s Ryan’s mission moving forward as he span off the Culture of Good from TCC to benefit other organizations.

Note: you can follow Ryan on LinkedIn, Twitter and Culture of Good on LinkedIn, Twitter.

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