Ep. 48: How do you win the war on talent? Tips from Bryan Chaney at Indeed

In the war of attracting and retaining top talents, companies must now focus on their employee experience as a differentiator to remain competitive. Talent is not only critical, but scarce. Talent attraction and retaining talent is a top priority; however companies still struggle to fill skilled positions.

The job advertising & application process is a sensitive process involving 95% complete rejection and usually only 1% hired. How you treat the 95% when you splurge ads on LinkedIn that attract 500+ applications is kind of important. If you do that 30 times a year, that’s well over 10,000 people your business and brand is saying ‘no’ to, if you are saying anything at all…

Telling your organization’s story to job candidates in a genuine and engaging way is not only a differentiator, but it’s the reflection of what your company’s culture really is.

Organizations often overlook the importance of building a positive candidate experience, thinking that they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to recruiting. It’s a mistake.

Bryan Chaney is a global talent branding and attraction strategist. He’s worked at IBM, Twilio and currently leads employment brand for corporate recruitment at Indeed, the world’s #1 job search engine. Bryan has worked in recruitment, technology, and marketing, providing him insights into the marketing of hiring, the importance of technology and the buying process that candidates make when applying for jobs. He’s an international keynote speaker and trainer on the topic of recruitment and talent branding and loves to travel. The Huffington Post recently named him one of the Top 100 Most Social HR Experts on Twitter. But most of all, Bryan loves helping brands reach the talent that they need to grow, by telling their story better.

This week’s guest is Bryan Chaney, Director of Global Employer Brand Talent Attraction at Indeed, the world’s #1job search engine.

Today with Bryan we talk about:
– What makes Indeed’s employer brand.
– What are some of the tactics Bryan’s team has implemented to not only share Indeed’s story, but to create a strong candidate experience.
– What metrics he’s implemented to measure the success of Indeed’s Talent Attraction strategy.
– What Indeed does to ensure consistency across all the stages of the candidate/employee journey.
– How Indeed creates a unified but yet customized culture globally across its multiple locations.

Note: you can follow Bryan on LinkedIn, Twitter and Inside Indeed – Indeed’s Life and Career section – on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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