Ep. 5: Employee Experience – A Look Into The Present And The Future

Rex Miller is a three time Wiley author and two time international award winner. One of his books, “Change your space, change your culture”, inspired me to launch the eX Summit and the eX Podcast.

Rex is a futurist, a design thinker, an innovator… in short a very fascinating guy. You can take a look at his work at Mindshift.

In this episode with Rex, you will learn:

– How office space design can impact company culture.
– Employee engagement is the key to innovation.
– Why we need to place the employees at the center of a company’s culture.
– Why we need to change our mindset from PUSH to PULL.
– What are the future technology trends that will change the employee experience.

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If you want to send me feedback, suggestions for future topics or guests, you can reach me at svincent@exsummit.com or on Twitter @eX_Summit.

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