Ep. 51: How to use video content to foster employee engagement.

Many recent reports, such as Gallup, Deloitte, Steelcase, show that employee engagement is at an all-time low. Many companies try to address that, investing in softwares or apps with the intent to boost employee engagement, but with no clear plan or methodology in place, because decisions are often driven by HR and IT and we all know they’re not usually people-centric. What happens is that employees don’t use those tools, because the user experience sucks.

When it comes to internal communications, very few companies do a good job at creating and distributing compelling and engaging content to their employees. Email updates, staff meetings, basic newsletter have very poor engagement rates. What’s interesting is that video content has become a predominant communication tool for consumer brands to engage with their customers. Yet, companies fail to adopt video content to engage with their employees.

Sam Crumley is the Vice President of Employee Experience at Panopto, the fastest-growing provider of video software for training, teaching, and presenting.

When you look at the employee lifecycle, from being a candidate, to the onboarding process, to training and development, video content can play a big part in driving high engagement. The way we consume content is very different from a decade ago. Nowadays, whether it’s training, internal communications, employees consume content in different ways. They expect on-demand content, on their preferred device, via multiple channels. How can companies efficiently develop, manage and distribute content with all these considerations? Sam will share some insights.

Today with Sam we talk about:
– What are some basic questions HR leaders should ask themselves when considering investing in any type of employee engagement tool.
– Why organizations fail to adopt video content to engage with their employees while many companies have been successful leveraging video content to engage with consumers.
– What are the basic steps companies should follow to invest in and to develop good video content.
– How companies can efficiently develop, manage and distribute content with all these considerations.
– What metrics should companies consider to measure engagement, consumption and return on investment when it comes to internal communications.

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