Ep. 56: Redefining the way people learn, engage and work.

With insight into the actual employee experience, you can better understand what your workers need in order to be productive and happy. Only then can you make informed improvements — whether it’s replacing or upgrading applications, designing a more employee-friendly interface or offering additional training.
This is where the use of human psychology, technology, employee data and organizational design methodologies help leaders transform their businesses and re-imaging their future.
The employee experience encompasses everything that happens at work – from company culture to the physical environment to the technology everyone uses. As competition continues to heat up to hire skilled talent, businesses are being challenged to step up their employee experience game.

Creating a positive employee experience means designing a workplace where people can do their best work.

Lina Stern is an Employee Experience and organizational development leader with expertise building successful global Organizational Design, Change and Learning functions, notably in the FinTech industry where she led multiple Human Change, Organizational Design and Employee Experience roles helping companies (re)define the workplace of the future.

Today with Lina we talk about:
– What is organizational design and how she uses it to challenge an organization’s structure.
– Why the tech industry at large has a higher focus on the employee experience than other industries.
– What are the first elements a CEO must consider when focusing on the employee experience.
– Who should own the employee experience.
– How to build a team and what skills set are important in the EX space.
– How to leverage people data and behavioral sciences to drive human change.
– How the digital transformation is disrupting the way we work.

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