Ep. 58: How to build a diverse and inviting company culture.

Building and maintaining a workplace culture that is inviting and engaging to all – without bias or preconception about “cultural fitness” – can help your organization avoid the “employee (dis)engagement crisis”, be more attractive to new talent, and impact your business’ performance all at once.

The paradox of today’s global uncertainty and reclusive mentalities on one hand, and the buzz around having more diverse and inclusive corporate cultures on the other hand, is merely the illustration of how difficult it is to build communities or workplaces where people feel welcome, inspired and empowered to collaborate and bring change.

Kristen Bakalar is the Director of Leadership Development at Athenahealth, a 5000-person healthcare tech company. Kristin is also responsible for employee engagement AND inclusion “To increase one means an increase in the other, as engagement and inclusion are inextricably linked. In order to create an environment of true engagement, we need to invite other perspectives, engage with those who are different from us, and embrace the unique characteristics of our co-workers. Inclusion = Engagement.”

Today with Kristen we talk about:
– Why we’re doing Diversity and Inclusion the wrong way.
– What organizations must change to adapt to the evolution of the workplace.
– What are the attributes and skillsets expected from tomorrow’s leaders.
– What does Athenahealth do to ensure maximum engagement from its employees.
– How to leverage technology, people analytics to customize the employee experience and measure long-term success.

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