Ep. 60: Your workplace is moving from ‘work’ to ‘experience’ place.

The workplace is changing at a rapid pace. With brick-and-mortar retail stores morphing into “brand experience” places, the expectation from consumers (who also happen to be employees) is that the workplace must change into an “experience” place. Work-life balance is becoming work-life integration, employees expect more than a pay-check from their employers, they want a workspace where they feel welcome, stimulated, energized. EX leading companies are expecting facility-management companies to help them curate that “experience space” for their employees.

ISS was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1901 and has since grown to become one of the leading Facility Services companies in the world. Although a century-old, ISS is a very innovative company. ISS understands that people who thrive at work perform better, individually and as a team. In fact, an amazing work culture is almost expected among millennials alongside traditional benefits. To take on this challenge, the company recently introduced the Experience Manager, a new ISS specialist role providing customers with expertise on creating high-level workplace engagement as part of a new approach to a compelling customer experience.

To create the best workplace experiences for their customers, they identify the key touch points in a typical working day. These range from people arriving at work and meeting the receptionist, to picking up a cup of coffee, to holding meetings or having lunch at the cafeteria. Working closely with the customer, the Experience Manager creates the best possible environment for innovative collaboration.

Wade Lewis is the Vice-President, Key Accounts for ISS North America. With his team, Wade introduced the first Experience Manager at GoDaddy’s technology center in Tempe, AZ. Since then, the concept has expanded to over 500 locations worldwide.

Today with Wade we talk about:
– What is the genesis of the Experience Manager concept.
– What is ISS’ innovation lab.
– How the Experience Manager helps ISS’ customer curate the workplace experience.
– What the workplace will look like in 5-10 years from now.

Note: you can follow Wade on LinkedIn and ISS on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Find out more about the Experience Manager.

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