Ep. 63: How to build a global award-winning talent brand & social media team.

Companies must now think of themselves as employer brands if they hope to attract and retain talent. They have to change their corporate mindset into a consumer mindset when it comes to engaging with their candidates and their employees.
Corporate websites are not good enough today for disseminating information to potential candidates. Job candidates, just like consumers, look for information on the internet, rely on peer reviews and user generated content to form an opinion on whether the brand promise is genuine or shady, which will translate into engagement or walk-away.
Cisco Systems has become an authority in creating compelling, engaging candidate and employee experiences.

Carmen Collins is the Sr. Social Media & Talent Brand Manager at Cisco. She the global award-winning social media team in the strategy for the Cisco Talent Brand. The team’s mission? Build personal connections with future talent, which they do by amplifying authentic content from current employees and their work on Cisco technology using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and also through experimenting with new social channels. Carmen’s team writes and manages content and calendaring for WeAreCisco social media channels speaking with a human, “co-worker” point of view. As a result of new tone & voice strategy, Twitter followers grew from 2K to 20K in one year, Instagram grew from 0 to 15K organic followers. Also @WeAreCisco moved into the top 10 Fortune 500 talent brands in 2017.

Today with Carmen we talk about:
– What were some of the concerns/fears to get her team started, and what she did to overcome them.
– What skillsets are critical to successfully manage a social media and talent brand team.
– What’s the process of creating and distributing relevant content for your employees as well as candidates.
– How she plans and manages content throughout the year.
– Which guidelines her team has in place to monitor that employee generated content is on brand and compliant.
– How she measures the impact and the ROI of social campaigns.

Note: you can follow Carmen on LinkedIn, Twitter, and We Are Cisco on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

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