Ep. 65: Workplace – finding a sense of purpose.

It’s been well documented that Millennials have disrupted the way companies look of their workplace, employee engagement, talent attraction and retention. With the “next” generation – the Gen Z – entering the workforce, one may wonder what’s going to happen next.
There are many misconceptions about Gen Y, from being lazy to being too demanding, from being too technology obsessed to lacking basic human connection skills.
The truth is, the main difference between Gen Y and previous generations is that they are more outspoken about their feelings and about what they want, but they share common values with these older generations, who used to hide those feelings in fear of being outcast.

Meredith Ferguson is the Managing Director at DoSomething Strategic, the data-driven consultancy arm of DoSomething.org. They combine proprietary data with a deep understanding of young people to help clients build relationships with this unique demographic and activate them for social good. For more than 25 years, they’ve been moving more than 6 million DoSomething.org members to action for their world’s most pressing causes. So, they know a little bit about what younger generations aspire to and how they feel about the world they live in.

Today with Meredith we talk about:
– What are some of the misconceptions we have about Gen Y in the workplace.
– What companies need to do differently to cater to Gen Y without alienating older generations.
– How Gen Z is different from Gen Y, and what companies need to do to prepare for Gen Z’s arrival to the workplace.
– What the workplace will look like in 5 years.

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