Ep. 67: Be a community first and a company second.

Diversity in mindsets and backgrounds makes a company stronger. Everyone wins when your organization has diverse teams where every person feels they truly belong and can reach their fullest potential.
DaVita has built a unique culture. They call themselves a village. Their culture is defined as The DaVita Way, which means that employees (called teammates) dedicate their Head, Heart and Hands to pursue the Mission, live the Values and build a healthy Village. DaVita’s teammates care for each other with the same intensity with which they care for their patients.

Louis Efron is DaVita’s Vice President of Teammate Experience. He is also a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, writer and Fortune 200 HR Executive. His career credits include Head of Global Employee Engagement for Tesla Motors, International VP of HR for JDA Software, VP of HR for the Fortune 300 medical device company, Stryker.

Today with Louis we talk about:
– How he came into a newly created role and what was the vision for this role as DaVita created it.
– What was the process to define how he’s shaped this Teammate Experience function.
– What he has done to scale up the Teammate Experience.
– What are some metrics and KPIs he’s put in place, and what results he’s seen so far.

Note: you can follow Louis on LinkedIn, Twitter and DaVita on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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