Ep. 69: How to build a culture of appreciation and recognition in your organization.

We all know of streets, parks named after famous people or events. There are millions of monuments and statues to celebrate the great accomplishments or sacrifices of multiple generations.

As parents, we understand how important it is for our children that we recognize and celebrate their successes, from their first steps to college graduation. Yet, we seem to forget how to celebrate and recognize others’ contributions in the single place where we spend most of our time: WORK.

In today’s workforce, being appreciated goes a lot further than the dollar amount on their pay stub. Showing appreciation to your employees makes your organization a better environment to work in, and it enables it to grow.

Many of you are familiar with Gallup’s employee disengagement statistics: only 30% of actively engaged employees, 20% of completely disengaged employees, and about 50% kind-of-in-between-hanging-in-there-but-not-so-happy employees. There’s not much companies can do with the 20% pay-check suckers who just show up at work because ‘they have to’ to collect their ‘dues’.

The thing is, it doesn’t require a lot of resources and efforts to recognize and celebrate our employees’ contribution.

Todd Nordstrom is a weekly contributor to both Forbes.com and Inc.com, and the Director for the O.C. Tanner Institute and co-author of the book Appreciate. He has interviewed thousands of employees and leaders all around the world to find out how to build a culture of appreciation and recognition in your organization. He is sharing with us this week some tips.

Today with Todd we talk about:
– Why it is important for companies to build a culture of recognition and appreciation.
– What companies can do to emulate the sense of recognition and appreciation.
– What are some of the pitfalls of employee recognition.
– How to measure the impact of recognition programs on the business.
– Some examples of companies that have a great culture of recognition and appreciation.

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