Ep. 71: How to build an EX-centric organization.

The digital transformation of the last decade has forced companies to embrace new mindsets and engage in new business models to respond to drastic changes in customer behaviors and stay relevant in the market place. Successful companies put the Customer Experience at the center of their corporate strategy. The focus, emphasis and empathy placed on customers as humans – not sales numbers in reports – has resulted in the personalization of the experience.

Some of the same companies are now moving into the next frontier, seeing their employees not as assets and numbers on a spreadsheet, but as humans and contributors. The wave of the Employee Experience is slowing moving, forcing companies to adapt to become a place where people want to work vs. a place where they have to work.

“EX and CX companies create platforms for employees and customers to individually experience their organization. The organizations that successfully do this will be the winners as the disruptive force of technology continues to shift the balance of power from companies to both consumers and employees”. Elliott Nelson – a partner at KennedyFitch, a consulting and search firm promoting and building networks on the Future of Work – and his team made this bold assessment in their extensive EX study released last year.

Today with Elliott we talk about:
– How to really define the Employee Experience.
– What are the results of the extensive EX study KennedyFitch published last year, and what’s different today.
– How the Future of Work connects with the employee experience.
– What is the business case for the employee experience.
– What’s the difference between employee engagement and employee experience.
– How to effectively design and implement an EX strategy.
– Some success stories of EX pioneers.

Note: you can follow Elliott on LinkedIn and KennedyFitch on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can access their report here.

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