Ep. 73: Why your company’s candidate and on-boarding experience matters.

Virgin Media did a study and found that poor candidate experience cost them over $5M a year. Simply because out of 123,000 candidate rejections they made in one year, 6 percent canceled their membership. Candidates can be existing or potential customers, and the way they interact with your (consumer and employer) brand is intertwined.

But more importantly, given the talent shortage we’re facing, if your candidate experience sucks, top talent will go to your competitors.

In a time when the candidate experience is becoming more digitalized, the human touch is still a vital element and employers must remember that a personalized approached will make their company stand out. Companies that don’t focus on improving the candidate experience journey actually end up harming their employer brand.

Providing a good candidate experience is not enough. Consistency from the candidate to the on-boarding to the employee experience is critical to maintain a high level of engagement and keep employees from leaving your company.

Do you ask candidates (those you hired AND those you rejected) to rate their experience? Do you ask new hires how they rate their on-boarding experience?

Talia Edmundson is the Director of Human Resources for Philadelphia-based e-commerce company, RevZilla.com. Since joining the company as their first HR Leader, Talia has driven employee growth by 85% in just over 5 years. She has been instrumental in building RevZilla as one of Philly.com’s Top Workplaces for five consecutive years, Fortune Magazine’s number 10 best workplace for millennials, and Fortune’s number 5 best place to work in retail mid-sized companies.

Today’s guest is Talia Edmundson, Director of Human Resources at RevZilla, one of Philly’s greatest tech success stories.

Today with Talia we talk about:
– Why it matters to focus on the candidate experience.
– Tips to create an outstanding candidate experience.
– How to effectively balance inbound vs outbound recruiting.
– How to make your first message stand out when reaching out to prospective candidates.
– How to create a memorable, engaging and personalized on-boarding experience.
– Metrics to put in place to measure the impact on the business of a positive candidate and new hire experience.

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