Ep. 77: How IBM approaches Employee Experience Design.

The war for talent has never been fiercer, and in an effort to attract and retain top talent, organizations have to shift from creating places where they assume people need to be to creating organizations where people truly want to be.

The EX mix is different for every employee and for every organization. In order to attract and keep talent, and build successful teams, your company must become people centric to understand employees’ different wants and needs. Seeing the world through the eyes of your employees is therefore a first prerequisite to improving or designing a great employee experience.

The employee experience is the employee’s perception of everything that happens when he or she interacts with your company, from recruiting to onboarding, to career path development and offboarding. The employee experience should be designed around “moments that matter” to your employees. Think of EX as the sum of the impressions you leave as an organization on your people – before, during and after their journey at your company – that defines if people come to you, stay or leave. It’s about winning the hearts and minds of employees. It’s about moving from efficiency driven processes to curating great employee experiences.

Damon Deaner is the Director, Employee Experience & HR Design at IBM. He is responsible for the global Employee Experience strategy for how IBMers experience HR offerings. This includes leading the Employee Experience Design team in the crafting of moments that matter for IBM’s diverse, global workforce through employee-driven, engaging, and integrated experiences that help reduce workplace complexity and improve productivity.

Today with Damon we talk about:
– Why he moved from Design to the world of HR and Employee Experience.
– How to apply Customer Experience mindset and methodologies to the HR world.
– How to get internal buy-in from various stakeholders.
– How to build an EX team and work with a more conventional HR team.
– Where to start and which pitfalls to avoid.
– How he sees the future of EX at IBM.

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