Ep. 8: The Role Of Employment Brand Management In Your Organization.

Cummins, a 55000+ employee company, and world leader in diesel and natural gas engines, faces big challenges to attract top talent. Not because of its size or market positioning, but because the company is headquartered in a small town – Columbus, Indiana – a bit less than a 60-minute drive south of Indianapolis.
That’s why this innovative company relies on people like Richard Whitney, our guest, to manage its employer brand. Richard is Global Employment Brand Manager at Cummins.

In this episode with Rich, you will learn:
– The place and role of employment brand management in the organization and how its supports recruiting efforts and retaining talents.
– How a strong employment brand becomes a differentiator in a very competitive talent market.
– How a culture of diversity and inclusiveness provides a platform for collaboration, well-being, personal AND professional development.
– How Cummins has strengthened its ties to the local community as a way to build an ecosystem that benefits everyone.

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