Ep. 82: The Talent Acquisition function is becoming a Marketing function.

The recruiting process doesn’t have to suck, neither for the candidate or for the recruiter.

Yet, for many organizations, the candidate’s experience is filled with poor user experience, lack of communication and transparency on where they stand, and a long process until a successful outcome. For recruiters, there is so much time wasted dealing with outdated technology, old-school and ineffective outbound efforts, and little visibility to measuring success.

The most attractive workplaces are the ones consistently communicating an authentic employer brand story and value proposition that captures the attention of top talent and compels them to follow, engage, and ultimately join their organizations.

To share the right story with the right audience, deliver on their employer brand promise and create a positive candidate experience, talent acquisition leaders must evolve their recruitment marketing strategy with a tighter focus on building longer-term relationships with the right candidates. To be successful, talent acquisition leaders must surround themselves with strong marketing competencies within the TA function, clear metrics, a measurable process, and a purpose-built technology.

Jerome Ternynck is no stranger to the technological evolution of talent acquisition and recruiting. He built one of the first Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in early 2000, and developed the company into a leading global Talent Acquisition vendor with over 150 enterprise customers and 60,000 users worldwide supported by offices in Asia, Europe and the US. In 2010, he founded SmartRecruiters, helping successful organizations such as Visa, Ikea, LinkedIn or Bosch attract and hire better talent than their competitors.

Today with Jerome we talk about:
– How the Talent Acquisition space has changed and what TA leaders must do to adapt to the new reality.
– What metrics to implement in order to measure the impact of talent acquisition on the business.
– How to juggle CEO priorities in a fast-growing a business while making sure the culture doesn’t fall apart.
– How to create a positive candidate experience and optimize the recruiting process.
– Where he sees Talent Acquisition in 5 years.

Note: you can follow Jerome on LinkedIn, Twitter and SmartRecruiters on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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