Ep. 83: Breaking the rules of leadership.

In any organization, being a leader has nothing to do with a job title. Being a leader means being able to motivate and inspire people to do more than what their job description suggests them to do.

You hear a lot of “leaders” complaining about their top preforming employees jumping off the boat. They always find excuses, but the reality is, people don’t leave jobs. They leave bosses.

“Organizations know how important it is to have motivated, engaged employees, but most fail to hold leaders accountable for making it happen. When they don’t, the bottom line suffers”, says Travis Bradberry.

Successful and influential leaders know that it is necessary to break the conventional leadership rules. Reed Hastings and Patty McCord even wrote a brilliant culture guide known as “Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility”, shared over 13 million times on Slideshare.

Kevin Kruse is Founder+CEO of LEADx, the first and only AI-powered executive coach and leadership success platform built with IBM Watson.

A successful entrepreneur, Kevin has won both “Inc 500” awards for fast growth and “Best Place to Work” awards for employee culture. He was previously the founder or co-founder of ACI (acquired by RKA), Kenexa (acquired by IBM), and Axiom (acquired by Huntsworth). He was also part of the team that launched Team Capital Bank in the midst of the 2008 crash, which eventually grew to a dozen branches and was acquired by Provident Financial Service in 2013.

Kevin is also a Forbes contributor and a New York Times bestselling author of nine books including Employee Engagement 2.0, Employee Engagement for Everyone and We: How To Increase Performance and Profit Through Full Engagement.

Kevin’s next book, “Great Leaders Have No Rules: Contrarian Leadership Principles to Transform Your Team and Business” (Crown Publishing) is launching on April 2, 2019.

Today with Kevin we talk about:
– What is good leadership and how to create successful EX initiatives.
– Some of the highlights of his book, such as
  * “Close your open door policy.”
  * “Have no rules.”
  * “Lead with love.”
  * “Reveal everything.”
  * “Show weakness.”
– The rise of robot bosses.

Note: you can follow Kevin on LinkedIn, Twitter, and LEADx on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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