Ep. 87: How to build a ‘Remote First’ culture to grow your business.

When employees work remotely, it can be hard for them to experience the culture, feel connected to one another, be engaged and aligned with the company’s vision and objectives. Creating a thriving work culture for your remote team is actually not that difficult, but it does require establishing a clear vision, strong online communication, hiring people with the right mindset, giving them the tools they need to succeed and making everyone feel valued and included.

Wiktor Schmidt, CEO and co-founder of Netguru, has built the company into one of the fastest growing software consultancies in the world, skyrocketing from 30 to 600 people. They’ve done it all remotely – servicing over 290 clients across 16 time zones – with yearly growth of nearly 100 percent since 2013.

Wiktor is fascinating and has great anecdotes about building a unique, remote-first company culture. Here are a few topics we discuss on this episode:
– How to rapidly grow a company to 600 people with a remote-first approach (and the difference between remote-first, remote-OK and remote-friendly).
– How to keep employees happy with the philosophy of Org Culture 4.0 (empowerment, trust, partnership, and transparency).
– Wiktor purposely changes his role as CEO every quarter – how changing executive roles can lead to a more successful internal culture.
– Why Wiktor believes that major orgs should prioritize recruiting engineers over MBAs.
– Where he sees Talent Acquisition in 5 years.

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