Ep. 88: Leading change in the intersection of Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Organizational Development.

The digital transformation of the last decade has forced companies to embrace new mindsets and engage in new business models to respond to drastic changes in customer behaviors and stay relevant in the market place. Successful companies put the Customer Experience at the center of their corporate strategy. The focus, emphasis and empathy placed on customers as humans – not sales numbers in reports – has resulted in the personalization of the experience.

Some of the same companies are now moving into the next frontier, seeing their employees not as assets and numbers on a spreadsheet, but as humans and contributors. The wave of the Employee Experience is slowing moving, forcing companies to adapt to become a place where people want to work vs. a place where they have to work.

Companies see business success when they work both on their Customer AND Employee Experience to create a human-centered strategy.

Jason Ashlock is the Senior Vice President of Customer and Employee Experience at Kuehne + Nagel, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, with over 80,000 employees around the world. Jason’s job is to make sure the 80,000+ employees who orchestrate this logistical magic are working in an environment that ignites their passions, celebrates their successes, illuminates their stories — so they can create extraordinary experiences for the customers whose precious cargo K&N carries. How does a 130 year-old company open up to change? Let’s find this out with Jason.

Today with Jason we talk about:
– His unique role, overseeing both CX and EX, and how Voice of the Customer (VC) and EX are connected.
– What the differences are between EX and CX.
– Whether there is one that comes first before the other.
Jason walks us through K+N’s journey of implementing both EX and CX.
He also shares how he sees talent, customer acquisition and the HR function evolve in the next 5 years.

Note: you can follow Jason on LinkedIn, Twitter and Kuehne + Nagel on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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