Ep. 94: Why career pathing matters to your employees.

Employee engagement – despite all the talking, the literature and a growing a billion-dollar industry – continues to be a challenge for most HR teams. Employee development and career pathing are critical elements in attracting and retaining talent. An intentional, well-designed career pathing strategy makes your employees feel like your company cares about their professional progress and is willing to invest in them. In return, research shows employees are willing to invest their time, energy and career in your organization.

Engaging your employees with a personalized HR experience should be a central component of your strategy. The customization of where each of your employees are in their career cycle – or career pathing – shows that your organization sees each employee as unique, each career path also being unique and individualized.

Career pathing enables HR to understand and analyze employee aspirations in terms of growth and career goals, and to develop internal mobility programs aligned with your culture and goals.

Jamie Schneiderman is the author of the “What to Why” 20-minute book for leaders who want to discover the new insights driving today’s top performing teams. He is also the Founder & CEO of Career Spark, a revolutionary predictive analytics platform that uses both science and data to successfully match people with the jobs that they will thrive in and helps business leaders to build high performing, productive happy teams.

Today with Jamie we talk about:
– How bad is the issue of low employee engagement, and what’s being done about it.
– Why companies are not moving the needle more.
– What is the solution to disengagement.
– How do organizations know they are recruiting or promoting the right talent?
– What are the right sources to understand what is actually driving success in your organization and for a specific role.
– Where Jamie sees the HR function in 5 years.

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