Ep. 95: How to sustain your culture in times of change.

Change happens whether you like it or not. It’s up to each one of us to decide what we want to do with change.
As a CEO or HR leader, it’s your responsibility to lead change, but also to create an environment and a company culture that support constant change and business growth. Employees don’t have to suffer through change, they should embrace it and thrive. They should feel excited about what’s new, they should feel included in being part of the journey.

How do you sustain your culture in times of change?

It’s critical to have an open communication with your employees and answer this question “what’s in it for me (as an employee)?”. Be direct, transparent and honest about hat change means for the company and for every individual.
It’s also very important to involve and include employees in the process of change, so that they play an active role driving change, instead of suffering through change.

Karen Weeks is the VP of People at Ordergroove, where she is building the people strategy and focuses on maintaining a strong culture during the growth stage of the company, including winning its first Best Companies to Work in New York! Previously she was the VP of HR (creating & leading the HR Operations Team), the Talent Management Director (for Client Services & Technology) and the first Manager of Learning and Development at Yodle.

Today with Karen we talk about:
– How to live and develop company values in a rapid growth organization, what the process is, where to start, and what are some best practices.
– How to help your team members through change.
– How leaders can create feedback and development opportunities during times of change.
– How to scale your team and infrastructure to reach your business goals in a business environment that is continuously changing.
– Where Karen sees the HR and People function in 5 years?

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