Ep. 96: A dive into Expedia’s Employee eXperience.

The Employee eXperience is the employee’s perception of everything that happens when he or she interacts with your company, from recruiting to onboarding, to career path development and offboarding.

The Employee eXperience should be designed around “moments that matter” to your employees. Think of EX as the sum of the impressions you leave as an organization on your people – before, during and after their journey at your company – that defines if people come to you, stay or leave. It’s about winning the hearts and minds of employees. It’s about moving from efficiency driven processes to curating great employee experiences.

Building a positive employee experience should be a collective effort between Marketing, HR, Recruiting, Operations, Customer Experience and of course Leadership.
EX is about being agile, vulnerable, opened to failure by experimenting, iterating, testing again, until it works for YOUR organization.

Lindsay Bousman the Senior Director of Talent Management at Expedia Group. Bringing her expertise in organizational psychology, global employee surveys, talent management, and organizational development, her focus is on providing evidence-based solutions for global talent management needs for Expedia Group to enhance the employee experience. She oversees enterprise-wide manager and leadership development, culture and engagement, and performance and talent planning. She has previously held internal talent management roles at Microsoft and Starbucks, and also been an external consultant in Paris Phoenix Group.

Today with Lindsay we talk about:
– How Expedia handles the implementation of Employee eXperience and what she has learned in the process.
– How Expedia works across functions and business on their eX initiatives?
– How the company leverages data to drive business decisions in the design and implementation of eX.
– On cross-functional eX projects, who her team pulls in in terms of expertise, background, skillet.
– How Lindsay is evolving her own HR experience at Expedia.

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