Ep. 99: Doing good for your people while running a profitable business.

There is a small, but growing movement of employers in today’s business landscape who have fully embraced the philosophy that taking great care of their people (i.e. employees) provides a direct benefit to all of their stakeholders, including better financial results.

The truth is that by doing business the right way – being truly an authentic leader, showing vulnerability, committing each moment of your day to your purpose and ethics, and caring about your people (employees and customers) – you can achieve that great success without losing your soul.

The Conscious Capitalism movement has adopted 4 core principles and sees business as a force for good.

Conscious leadership
Organizations mirror the actions and personality of their CEO. People (employees, customers) want to follow someone who acts kindly, shows respect and compassion, in an authentic and genuine way. Conscious Leaders are the ones who inspire loyalty and consistent high performance in their teams.

Stakeholder orientation
Conscious leaders know the importance of taking into account all of their stakeholders. Your employees, your customers, your vendors, the community surrounding your business. Take care of them and they will take care of your business, its profitability and make your shareholders happy.

Conscious culture
A value-based culture is one that is intentional about how people act and perform. It’s about defining genuine core values, identify specific behaviors you expect all your stakeholders to adopt.

Higher purpose
Finally, the company should be in business to do more than just make money. In fact, making money is an outcome of working tirelessly and passionately towards a higher purpose. It’s about creating value and bringing good to the world surrounding you.

Fortunately, conscious leaders such as Adam Goodman – CEO at Goodmans Interior Structures in the Phoenix, AZ area – fully embrace the concept that taking care of their people first is simply the right thing to do for their business.

Today with Adam we talk about:
– How he applies the founding principles of Conscious Capitalism to his organization.
– How the responsibility of the CEO and the leadership team has changed as it relates to truly caring for the whole person and not just the ’employee’.
– Why is it important for him to show his employees he cares about their well-being.
– What his company has implemented to bring to life this culture of caring and well-being, and how it translates on a daily basis.
– How he measures the success of implementing employee-centric initiatives and their impact on the business.

Note: you can follow Adam on LinkedIn, Twitter and Goodmans Interior Structures on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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