Ep. 1: Company’s Culture Is More Than Perks.

, an Indianapolis-based marketing and advertising technology agency, is as much recognized and celebrated nationally for its business success as it is for its culture.

In fact, the two are intimately intertwined, according to Jacob Bracken, PERQ's Vice President of Control.

Jacob joined PERQ in 2002, and has seen the company grow from a 5 person to 100+ person organization.

As PERQ embraces the agile methodology in software development AND in its marketing initiatives, it has also adopted the same agile mentality when its comes to culture and employee experience.

In this episode with Jacob, you will learn:

- There is no culture book: you build your company’s culture through trials and errors.
- Tips on how to scale up the employee experience from a 5-person start-up to a 100-employee organization.
- How to move from outbound recruiting to inbound recruiting.
- The employee experience is as much defined by leadership as it is by the employees themselves.

You can follow Jacob on Twitter @JPB929.

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